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Web Design
spacer The type of webdesign I do is image based html/php/css because I am not skilled in designing with flash, nor do I really like it. I find that the simple layouts are most times the better ones and are more accesible to others for viewing

I'm no professional by any means, all the work I can do is self taught. I never went to school for it. Yes I did take a few classes back in high school, but those don't really count for much since I already knew how to do all that they "taught". With not being a professional it allows for you to be able to spend less and still get quality work.

Base price is $250 - $300 depending what kind of work is to be done. If the site is large and requires me to do a lot of stuff for it then the price will go up of course. And hey all work is done in my free time, when I'm not at my day job. If the site is really small and maybe just a layout is all you need we can negotiate a lower price.

If you haven't already, check out my portfolio page to see if Plastic Soldier Designs is for you, and if so head on over to the contact page to get in contact with me for a design for you.
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